The following are the terms and conditions of storing and accessing information on your end user devices by means of the so-called cookie files (“cookies”) for the purposes of electronic provision of services.

Cookie files

Cookies, or cookie files are computer data, particularly one stored in the format of flat text files on your end user device, which is subsequently used by online servers to identify your end user device upon connection and to facilitate website browsing.

There are two types of cookies: the temporary ones, which are only stored as long as your browser remains open, and the ones with a specific date of expiry, which are stored over a longer period of time.

The sole fact of sending a cookie to your browser cannot infringe your privacy. The information stored in cookies can only be used by the website which sent it.

Purposes of use of cookies

Cookies are exclusively used to collect the information related to the use of the Website by its users. We do not use them to automatically collect any other information about users.

The cookie files are used by our Websites for the following purposes:

You can disable or modify cookie access to your end user device

At any time, you can change the settings applicable to cookie files on your own, for example in a way that prevents all or some cookies from being stored or that ensures that you are notified each time a cookie is stored on your end user device. You can also delete cookies anytime. To do that, use the settings of your Web browser. Please refer to the settings of your Web browser software for any detailed information on how to control cookie handling, including how to disable their downloading and storing.

Please note that disabling cookies in your browser may make using the Website more difficult or prevent you from using some of its features. It may also affect how the website is displayed.