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We offer for B2B all range of products from the topic “Mother and Baby”, such as bath products, care goods, child car seats, feeding, furniture, strollers, toys, vehicles. The role of the mother in raising the child is as important as that of the father. What is the role of a mother? On her biological and psychological characteristics, on her personality, ideological behavior, value system, on patterns of behavior taken from the social group in which she lives, and on the degree of identification with this group. The role of a mother by definition means a relatively constant and internally consistent system of behavior of a woman who is a mother and / or performs mother’s tasks. Who determines what are the obligations and rights of maternity? First of all, society and cultural patterns.

What is the role of a mother?

The role of the mother is a response to the behavior of other people in society, but most of all, it is a reaction to the behavior of children. From the birth of a child, the importance of the mother is very important for its proper development. The role of the mother should be based on love and trust, and her presence in the toddler’s life should help build the toddler’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The quality of the mother-child relationship determines the mental and emotional development of a child.


A particularly important task for mum is to maintain family ties and cultivate traditions. It is the mother who looks after the household members, gives love, meets the biological and psychological needs of children, teaches them how to show their feelings. Communication between mother and baby is also important. As a rule, mothers do not undergo special motherhood preparation courses – they intuitively know what being a mother is. Talking with the child allows you to manage it – giving orders, forbidding, regulating the toddler’s behavior, asking, etc.


The mother’s speech is a kind of commentary on what is happening around the child and what the child is doing. Mother is also a role model for little ones. In their eyes, she is an authority you want to impress. If a mother is respectful and caring, tolerant, and patient with others, her children learn the same. Certain values are instilled in them. The mother also provides a model of femininity for both girls and boys. It makes it easier for daughters to identify with their own gender, and for sons – their first close relationships with adolescent girls. A mother is essential for a toddler to develop properly in every sphere of his life.

“Action” Global helps moms with their roles

The role of the mother is significant and leading, because it is the woman who gives life to the baby and sustains it, helps in development and supports it. Unfortunately, economic transformations and qualitative changes in the labor market significantly limited the possibility of carrying out maternal tasks, mainly by young women. Contemporary women lack the time to be a good mother, educator, guardian, to provide support and rationally control the child’s activities. The mother is, above all, a person who cares about the fire of the hearth and sustains family warmth. A mother is set to give, not to receive. A mother should be characterized by self-sacrifice and – as Erich Fromm wants – unconditional love for children, which gives a sense of security, support, understanding and care, which she loves for simply being, not for what one is.

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